Saturday, February 4, 2012

What I Wished For

I was in the coatroom when this woman came flying in. Good, I'm not the only one who got to class a minute before it started. I was like Au contraire. I had gotten there early but my method of operation is to set up my mat, put my towels out and go back into the coatroom. I keep my eye on the teacher and dip into class right before it starts...

Yesterday, I wrote to Crystal and Patti that I wished that someone would sub for Jeremy who usually teaches Hot Yoga on Saturday.

You know what they say: be careful what you ask for.

I saw no sign of Jeremy when I got to the studio. Instead, Val would be teaching and she was out of sorts because she normally teaches at night. When we were supposed to turn left, she would tell us to turn right. I would like to think that's why she held us in chair pose so long -- trying to think of the next direction but, no, Val is an advocate of getting achy and uncomfortable; she thinks it's good for you. We had a lot of goodness today, I tell ya.

Class was so intense that I wondered why I ever exercise at all. As we had our knees to the left and our gaze to the right, I saw that the woman next to me had a tattoo on her foot that said No Regrets. If I got a tattoo on my foot, I don't think it would be words but her tattoo definitely provided some inspiration when I needed it...

Can't believe how expensive yoga clothes are. I've been looking for something to wear to Hot Yoga within my comfort range -- exposure and price wise. I finally found some duo dry Champion shorts at Target. I even think $19.99 is a bit much to pay for shorts but it's definitely better than $60 plus.


  1. "a lot of goodness today" LOL!

    $20 for shorts is definitely outside my financial comfort range, but what are you gonna do. Maybe yoga is best done nude :)

  2. Oh, LOL. I never thought about the price of yoga clothes being responsible for the popularity of naked yoga. Good call. :)

  3. "Class was so intense that I wondered why I ever exercise at all." Because it shocks you back to life? And it is GOOD to be alive! ;)

  4. Sara,

    Yup. Yup. It's good. It's all good. :)

    I will say that even if it's a struggle to make it through Hot Yoga class, I usually feel amazing afterward.