Sunday, February 19, 2012


Thought about not going to kettlebell class because it almost feels like it’s not worth it to drag myself out of bed but, luckily, I tell other people what I’m doing so I felt a certain amount of accountability.

I barely had enough time to heat up instant oatmeal (with a tablespoon of almond butter) before I had to head out the door.

I kept thinking mindOVERbody mindOVERbody mindOVERbody which almost worked. I was able to swing for the majority of the time during circuits. I did have to pause for the cause but my classmates are beasts. Obviously, there are points when you can rest but when we're doing the two hand, hand-to-hand swings etc., I get so worn out and they are just banging out the reps which is why it's good to look at them and get inspiration.

Today’s oddity (a phrase that I’m borrowing from Crystal who told me about an oddity in her Hot Yoga class) was a relatively new classmate’s positioning. We usually do kettlebell circuits in a circle but the student had her back to us.

At one point Mike, who was over with two newbies, ran over and asked if she was in time-out. I laughed because I had been on the verge of laughing when she assumed the position. The student said that she had to see herself in the mirror in order to achieve the correct form...

After class, I stopped by Trader Joe’s where I picked up way more than I had intended. What I did notice after piling in almond milk, almond butter, apples, coffee etc., was the weight in my basket didn’t overwhelm me. After swinging a kettlebell around for the better part of an hour, toting my full basket was a piece of cake…


  1. love the mindoverbody mantra too.
    Im borrowing that one today.

  2. I've been afraid to try kettlebells because of my history of a bad back. I have read so much on how much stronger they make you and how good they are for an all-around workout!

  3. @MizFit,

    You know that I really dig your mantra, "I got this," too. Now, if I can just remember to use it so that I'm more prepared.

    I've got washable markers and I think it's time that used them again. ;)


    What you've heard is true!

    I've been reading "Enter the Kettlebell" and there's a segment that reports why kettlebell is good for your back. Of course, they also suggest that you consult your doctor first (before starting kettlebell) if you have a bad back...