Thursday, June 21, 2012

It Depends on How Mental You Are or Overheard in the Gym

  • Belayer: You just have to step up with the right leg and let go.

    Climber: Let go?

  • Better than ever.

    Meghan's daughter's enthusiastic response to How are you?

  • Mom, will you spot me?

    A.J. (who wanted to boulder) to Leah

  • A.J.'s Pancake Impression

  • Switch position!

    There's a trio of French-speaking climbers who brought along a newbie and the belayer was giving the climber instructions in French when I heard him switch to English on a route call Switch Fast. Guess the route was appropriately named.

  • Yoga has helped me with my balance.

    Woman with limited vision

  • Patti: A lot of climbing is mental.

    David: Yeah, it depends on how mental you are.

  • David, Level of "Mental" Unknown

  • I think this route requires tallness. It also requires technique.

    A belayer to a climber

  • Feet up then hands up.

    A climber offering advice to a newbie

  • I think that I may actually throw up.

    New Hot Yoga Practitioner

    You don't hate me, do you?

    The nauseous one's friend

  • Microfiber Towels -- Good for Absorbing Sweat & Vomit, If Necessary

  • Roll this (mat) up for me; you're 25 years younger.

    Mother to daughter after Hot Yoga


    1. I love your caption for your yoga towel. I love mine. Too bad I haven't had much use for it. The yoga I'm doing now is super gentle and I hardly work up a sweat. Plus, the room isn't heated and it's usually cold, so I do yoga in socks!

    2. Love the quotes! Climbing is mental! :)

    3. Sara,

      You know what I'm thinking -- time to shop for more yoga socks. :)

      I need to get to a restorative class soon. I just think it's cool that you're doing yoga again.


      Thanks. Glad that you're getting a chance to find out about the mental aspect of climbing. ;)