Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For Example

Haven’t been to the pool since sometime in May and to say that I’ve been itching to swim is an understatement. I got to the pool around 8:20 and it was still crowded. The lifeguard told me that the man in lane one usually leaves at 8:30 and, sure enough, he got out like clockwork.

I did my thing and as I headed toward the locker room, this woman stopped me. She pointed to her granddaughter and said that she had told her to look at me swimming laps and that I was in a lap lane and that was why they couldn’t get in those lanes because it was for people swimming laps.

When I took swimming lessons, my teacher told me that I’d be able to swim a lap by the end of the classes but I never imagined that I would one day belong in a lap lane. I think it’s pretty cool that the grandmother took time to teach her granddaughter a bit of swimming etiquette.

On another note, did you all catch the Thunder/Heat game? Kevin Durant represented...Or, as others said on Twitter, he was an assassin...he was on fire...

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