Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Olympic Size Me

Hit the pool yesterday and the water was divine.

The lanes? Olympic-sized. That's not the actual pool that I went to but I wanted to give you an idea of how dang long the lanes are.

If you haven't heard, I've struggled mightily with front crawl breathing but I finally got the hang of it,  for the most part, and, as a result, the black line in the middle of the pool has lost its sway over me and I swim back and forth at will for 25 yards anyway.

I was interested to see how I would fare for 50 yards. My first time down the lane, I sputtered before I reached the end but on my second attempt, I settled down, relaxed and breathed calmly. It was a nice hurdle to get over... As I rested at the end of the lane, this man said that he was practicing for a sprint triathlon. I usually finish last but I don't know too many 70-year-olds doing triathlons. I congratulated him in advance.

After swimming I went to practice yoga and, because I putzed around, I got to class a minute before start time. Hello front of the classroom. The class hadn't been packed since January...Donna usually tells us to take out our eraser and get rid of the day's worries but she was on a mission last night and had a laundry list of things for us to get rid of.

Another classmate arrived about seven minutes into class. Before, I would have been annoyed but last night I actually thought there's room up here by me. I felt good after swimming but I felt entirely centered after practicing yoga. As I tweeted, yoga class was on point...

Gotten over any hurdles lately? Gone to any amazing yoga classes?


  1. Yes! Finally got to try out a teacher at yoga source yesterday that I have heard a lot about. It was vinyasa in a heated studio only 85 degrees. He was wonderful but I am so sore today and it made staying hydrated during two back to back hot yoga classes last night pretty hard. what doesn't kill you.....

  2. What doesn't kill you...makes you take a lavender Epsom salt bath???

    Glad that you got to practice yoga with a teacher that you've wanted to check out...