Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Millionth Time

Tried out a new gym with a ring and everything. Dude (Tim) was like this is an actual boxing gym and made me take off my earrings.

Tim had me shuffle around a circle while practicing a one-two punch. I shuffled one way then the other and the shuffling alone wore me out.

Next, we all headed toward the bags. One group worked the bag for a minute while the second group did conditioning (squats, jumping jacks, bob and weaving, plank jacks etc.).

My shoulders were screaming about halfway through the drills.

After working the bags for about 20 minutes or more, we headed back to the spongy floor to shadowbox.

We formed two lines and Tim gave some complicated combination which he quickly modified for me. I did a one-two punch with a slip to the right and some other situation. He had me cracking up when he told us to get back in line and keep going -- I don't think that anyone has done this for the millionth time.

After shadowboxing, it was time for push-ups with a partner. One person performed reps, while the other counted. The mission was to do 25-20-15-10 and five. My arms were buckling at one point but once you get to the 15 zone, you start knocking them out fast just to be done.

I went to a much-needed yoga class later on and when I came home, I wondered why the porch light was off. No electricity. Grabbed my fully charged iPod Touch and listened to podcasts, played games, took a yoga break courtesy of Kripalu, had a little email tennis going on with Cindy and hoped there were no slugs on the porch.

Caught light out of corner of my eye but it took a while for it to sink it that the house was fully illuminated and the lights were back on.

My upper body and forearms are wrecked on fire. Not a good idea to go climbing but I did; my pectoral muscles,axilla armpits, triceps fingertips and wrists will thank me even more in the morning.

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