Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Season for Everything

Just went to my last hot yoga class for a while. I started the adventure with friends, Crystal and Patti, but now I've been going by and for myself for a while. I've missed C & P's presence but other faces have become familiar and welcoming like the woman who was my neighbor tonight. We smiled at each other repeatedly as we spun around for yogi sit-ups, planks and seated forward bend.

I was under Cindy and Jeremy's watch most of the time but it goes without saying that I will miss all of my hot yoga teachers.

I'm also going to miss gathering my towels, water and recovery beverage; seeing the sweat dripping from my fingers and elbows and the final savasana at the end of 90 minutes when it's time to look back in wonder.

One of favorite parts of Cindy's class has been her reminders to clear your mind. She'll follow that by saying it's impossible to not have any thoughts which frequently makes me think of a Malcolm in the Middle episode when Malcolm tires of being a genius and Reese gives him tips on how not to think.

While I didn't get a brain freeze, I cleared my mind, smiled, chuckled and tried to breathe deeply into my Buddha belly. :)


  1. Just let me know when you've got a hot yoga Jones and we can go do some outdoor will be hot enough outside soon enough! :) You're energy will be missed! Namaste!

  2. And boy don't I wish I could turn off my brain like that! master! Ha!

  3. I definitely plan to join you in the park so that there won't be too much missing going on from either side.

    Thanks to yoga, My Reese potential has increased. :)