Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Turkish Delight

As I put my kettlebell in the car, it seemed extra heavy. I wondered, again, why I exercise, thought about shifting gears and going for a bicycle ride but I also know how important it is to do strength training, so I pressed on.

Even with feeling out of balance, I managed to pull off a half decent kettlebell clean on my left side. In fact, my press looks good on the left side and, overall, I feel like there is no maneuver that I cannot do on my left side. Want me to do the hot potato then press the kettlebell with my palm? No problem. But it's an issue with the right hand which is an interesting scenario for a right-hander. Marisa has a theory but didn't get around to. She does think that maybe I need to try a 12 kg kettlebell now. We'll see.

As Marisa discussed a circuit, Barbara was like Oh, we're going to do the Turkish Delight. I started cracking up. Barbara told a classmate the contents of Turkish Delight: starch, sugar, pistachios etc. I don't even like Turkish Delight, she said. And, of course, I've had TD before because it's got...sugarrrrrrrrrrr. Maybe Barbara just thinks that the Turkish Get-Up is delightful.

Marisa had us do the Turkish Get-Up in reverse. I was stumped and couldn't move. Finally, she verbally walked me through it. I am not an a.m. exerciser and then throw something at me in reverse? Ha...

Hope that you've had some delight in your day...

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