Saturday, June 2, 2012

There's A Rack Out There for That

You only need a mat, towel and water for hot yoga but when I pulled into the parking lot, I discovered that I had left my mat at home. I actually had a new mat in the car but didn’t want to use it for hot yoga so I rented one. Problem solved.

Jeremy was our captain and he was on a mission but, first, he went over the rules of engagement.
Check your ego at the door; there’s a rack out there for that. 
It was taskmaster Jeremy and funny Jeremy at the helm. Still, I was in utter disbelief as Jeremy went into a soliloquy of sorts while we were in chair pose. Hold a pose for five breaths? Try fifteen or more. After triangle pose, Jeremy wanted us to keep our knee bent. Feel those quads on fire? Yes, Jeremy, I did feel that and I’m going to feature my quadriceps in a new DVD called Quads Afire.

I did have a sufficient supply of stamina this morning so I guess that it was all good. One needs to be challenged, right? Also learned that my biceps should be in the vicinity of my ears during the standing backbend.

On another note, I watched In the Land of Blood and Honey which I have been avoiding. It’s just one of those films, like Hotel Rwanda, that you know that you should watch but...In the end, though, if people had to endure atrocities, the least I can do is watch the story.

I thought Angelina Jolie did a really good job of telling a complicated story, in two hours, about the ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims in the former Yugoslavia. It is interesting that Jolie decided to go with the actors speaking in English; it worked though. The rating on this trailer speaks volumes. There are over 14,000 dislikes and only 2,000 likes and the comments turned nasty early in the game.


  1. I always wondered what that rack was for...

  2. Hee-hee. Maybe we need to label it. :)