Sunday, June 19, 2011

Steel Cut Oats & Egg Whites or The Gospel According to Chiquita

Chiquita is my cousin and her gospel follows:

  • Dot. Period. The end.

    Something that Chiquita will say when she's made a credible argument about something.

  • It's not going to end well because it didn't start well.

    Commentary on a situation that was not handled in a nice fashion.

  • We're not going to sit up here and let you die because you don't have insurance.

    My cousin to another cousin who was feeling miserable.

  • I went to crêpes: etc. in the Central West End. They have the kind of food that you like.

    Me: What kind of food do I like?

    Cousin: You know, steel cut oats, egg whites; they have an extensive list of that kind of stuff... (points at me).

  • I love their BLT's; they (Crown Candy) don't have your kind of food there.

  • You know how some people are just kind of off-brand?

  • I do not want to go to work. I say that every time I see you, don't I?

  • Me: Want some (baked Lays)?

    Chiquita: I'd rather have cardboard.

  • I wouldn't mind eating steel cut oats but not when I got out to eat...

  • Do you think that I change purses every time I change outfits? I don't have on anything blue...

    Re: my comment that my purse didn't match anything that I had on.

  • You can't hurt my feelings.

    Our aunt was in the ICU and this guy, who didn't seem to be waiting on anyone, came in, got on the phone and talked extensively. The nusre had been calling with updates and Chiquita went and asked him to get off the phone. My aunt Al said that the telephone man was going to hurt her feelings...

  • I need to get back in my lane...

    Something that Chiquita tends to say when she feels that she's gotten over involved or feels it was something she should have never been involved in from the get-go.

    1. I would love to spend time with her! I especially like the last one. I often need to get back in my own lane!!!

    2. Me too, I love that about my lane. It's so easy to get sucked into other people's problems that you can't really do anything about.

      I wouldn't eat steel-cut oats in a restaurant either :)

    3. @Diane & gingersnapper,

      I agree that there are definitely benefits to staying in one’s lane.

      And, gingersnapper, 'haha' about the oats.