Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stop The Presses

Instead of cooking, I've relied on Steamfresh veggies, Trader Joe's frozen foods etc. and I've been diggin' Local Harvest and Sweet Art's veggie burgers which are, by the way, completely different burgers but equally good.

Local Harvest's veggie burger is beans-based served with a cucumber concoction and hummus whereas Sweet Art's has lentils, carrots and is served with a secret sauce on one wheat bun and ketchup on the other. I looked at veggie burger recipe after recipe until I found one that sounded doable. I didn't use artichokes, black olives, celery salt, parsley or sage and I decided to double the recipe which called for four ounces of this bean and four ounces of that bean. I thought that I would never finish assembling burgers.

Since I use organic beans with modest sodium, my veggie burgers were initially on the bland side. To remedy the blandness, I topped them with Trader Joe's pineapple salsa. They did taste better the next day but I'm sure they would have packed way more flavor had I included the black olives et al.

I recently got the July/August issue of Natural Health and guess what it had in there? Veggie burger recipes. Hopefully, I'll be in the mood to cook again before fall.


  1. gingersnapper,

    I was satisfied with how they turned out and even more satisfied that I found my way back in the kitchen.

    I'm still in search of a better veggie burger though. At least I can eat my research...

  2. Better veggie burger? Alex Jamieson's The Great American Detox has an amazing veggie burger in it. There are like 4 recipes in Jannequin Bennet's The complete Vegan Kitchen too. Alex's have a little spice, but are very savory and a great texture.

    Happy nom-nom-nom! <3

  3. Farty Girl,

    Thanks for the info. I like a little spice. ☺