Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Case of Fire

Just what do you take when the roof is on fire?

I read about The Burning House project on the Unclutterer blog, I believe, and thought about what would I grab if the house were on fire. This exercise has me thinking (again) about scanning photos and centralizing scanning important documents.

  • Car Keys

  • Money

  • Nikon Coolpix

  • Passport

  • Photo Albums (with childhood pictures)

  • Wallet

  • Gut reaction items are above. If I had longer, I would return for my bike and Wii because I invested significant money in them. I know, I know; things can be replaced.

    I also wonder why I continue to hold onto stuff if I would grab so few items? Exhibit A -- a random sample of seldom worn t-shirts. I'm hoping that it will become easier to part with stuff...

    What would you grab?


    1. Well, if I knew all the kids, pets and hubby were safe - I would grab pictures, scrapbooks and those type of unreplaceable treasures.

    2. We actually have a plan - I grab the cat and my purse, Payne gets the computers. I make my living on that machine, so it's not a trivial choice.

      Many of our photos are already scanned in, but this reminds me I should finish up that project.

    3. @Diane,

      I also thought about things of sentimental value. Pictures were number one on my list, you know, after people. ;)


      I hear ya re: the computer.

      A lot of my newer pictures are online and on flash drives which are kind of scattered but I definitely need to get on top of scanning older pictures since I would actually miss those the most.