Friday, June 17, 2011

Make Me One With Everything

I've been wanting one....*


It's hard to see the design on my arm except in direct light. I was told that I should have kept the henna on overnight but I kinda like the subtleness of it plus it has settled into a nice copper-like color.

I got this henna situation while I was on vacation in Florida.

The pillow got it too...

Saw this clip, "Dalai Lama Confused by Pizza Shop Joke," on Good Morning America; it's pretty funny if you ask me.

Happy Friday...

*Thanks Nichelle for rockin' the freehand design.


  1. At first I thought that was a real tattoo! I was like, ooooooh bad ass! Henna's probably more smart though... you can look bad ass for a day and then go back to work and be all business. :-) I laughed at the pillow picture. Cute.

  2. Farty Girl,

    Yeah, I'm not ready to commit to a real tattoo yet.

    Re: the pillow, it was funny to wake up to a yin yang symbol in my face. ;)