Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crude Alterations

Decided to hit the indoor pool since the high was only 82 in The Lou but as I headed to the pool, I prepared myself for the possibility that pool water could be just as chilly as the water in the outdoor pool but it was not.

Sometimes when I'm doing the back crawl, my arms start to feel heavy as all get out and I have that urge to switch to the elementary back crawl when Bob Harper pops into my ear, Stand up and finish what you started, which is usually incentive enough for me to propel myself down the lane. For some reason, Harper only talks to me when I'm in the pool. Go figure.

At one point, I was doing the front crawl and went into the water awkwardly resulting in water up my nose. Before I would have pulled up and grabbed the side to regroup -- especially since I was in eleven feet of water. I didn't do that though. I just kept marching down the lane. I guess that I finally feel more comfortable and spontaneous in the water.

While the scale has not moved, I've had to make crude (no sewing skills) alterations to my swimming suits because the straps kept falling down and the upper part of the suit, in general, was not stable; there's nothing more annoying than trying to swim and having to stop to make adjustments. On the other hand, loose suits are a good sign.

Swim Outlet is tempting me with their star-spangled sale but I think I'm in between sizes so I'm not going to make a move yet but one can look, can't she?


  1. your suit can be so tight its almost uncomfortable at first.... even the polyester ones can stretch out after 6 or more months time

  2. I love the one in the middle, but I wouldn't like the thin straps.

    Bob Harper only talks to me in the pool too, what's up with that?

  3. Oh yes - one can definitely look before you are ready to buy it. I love the red white and blue look that you are considering! So happy your suit is getting too big!

  4. @midlife_swimmer,

    From now on, my swimsuit of choice will be polyester since the one that I have has held up so well; the others didn’t last that long at all.


    Haha re: Harper. I should tweet him and ask what's up with that.

    Yeah, I like the middle one too; it reminds me of fireworks but the straps wouldn't work for me either.


    I'm happy too. ;)