Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taking on The North Forty

I survived camping but I probably wouldn't make a good Survivor contestant. It rained and hailed on the way but the rain stopped and the campground was not that muddy and the breeze was amazing. Jasper, AR is beautiful.

The tent parts baffled me but, luckily, Patti knows her way around stakes and bendy things. It was incredibly windy Saturday night and if the tent had not been set up right, it would have blown away.

After setting up camp, we didn't waste time heading out to climb. Afterwards, we ate around the not-fire, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and watched people cook and do yoga. Being unplugged is both shocking and refreshing.

At night I heard car doors closing, dogs howling and what I thought was a jam session. Kristin said the music probably came from her cell phone at 4 a.m. which she slept right through. I usually sleep like that but...

The second day we got up, ate breakfast and headed back for more climbing. We were out scoping routes and climbing from just about 9 to 5. Camping was not as bad as I thought it would be. And the climbing? Definitely worth the journey.

The Way to The North Forty

'Drea on Cotton Candy, a 5.6 -- 65 foot route

Patti Doing Her Thing

Playin' Chameleon

Patti Lead Climbing

I paused mid-route to snap a photo of Patti and Leah; Leah snapped back.

Kristin Braces Herself and Chalks Up Before Ascending

Noah's Turn

Leah said I'm totally going to lead climb this route (Sour Girl, a 5.10b route). I told her to have fun. This guy sitting behind us said, You said that like she's going on a roller coaster ride or something...

Leah's First Attempt at Roof of Sour Girl

L's Last Attempt of the Day, Sour Girl

After returning from Arkansas, I said goodbye to Patti and she asked, When are we climbing again? I started chuckling about her one-track mind.


  1. Wow! What an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing the photos - very beautiful and so impressive.

  2. Cool! I think I see next year's calendar.

    I can't say I've ever loved camping, only the part where it lets you wake up in a gorgeous place.

  3. @Diane,

    It was a pretty cool experience. Thanks for checking out the pics.


    Believe it or not, I hadn't thought about a calendar but now it's definitely on my agenda.

    You're so right about the part of waking up in a gorgeous place.