Friday, May 27, 2011

The Best Laid Plans Of...

Hadn't planned on it but I'm headed out of town for outdoor climbing. Going to spend the night at Patti's, wake up before dawn cracks, rendezvous with other folks, set up camp in what's sure to be a muddy area because it's been monsoon season here then attempt to climb the same day.

I'm nervous and already discombobulated as all get out. I'm talking impressive levels of whacked-outness.

I know next to nothing about camping and I've only been once. Didn't own a tent the first time that I went and I don't own one now.

And negotiating the food business? Ughhh.

Send good vibes my way because I'm gonna need them...

Ever been camping? What kind of non-perishable and must-have items do you take?

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