Friday, May 13, 2011


I was gonna blog yesterday but, um, Blogger was down. An unbelievable amount of people were on Twitter going through withdrawal and the shaking was palpable.

I went climbing yesterday and our posse was so sizable that we played musical partners.

I've been feeling ready to take on lead climbing but, of course, there's no class this month. Still, I borrowed a rope to practice but I didn't do well with clipping and, because I was nervous, I was climbing like a bull -- not the best way to climb at all. The awkward clipping also shook my confidence.

There's a part of me that feels like mental toughness is missing from my rock climbing game. New posse member, Leah, hasn't been climbing much longer than I have and she rocked a 5.10c. but it's probably not in my best interest to compare myself to other climbers and just not a good thing to do in general...

Wynne told us that she is moving to the West Coast. She also told me that she wished she had done an interview with me.

Last year I asked Wynne if she would consider sitting down to chit chat and she said that, although it didn't seem like it, she is an introvert and declined the offer.

Fair enough, Wynne, and hope to see you in The Lou again at some point so that I can hear you say I'm done when you've reached the top.*

*Since some of us were new to each other, we discussed rock climbing terminology. Generally, people say take when they get to the top of a route but Wynne likes to say I'm done...


  1. I love reading about your climbing! I've only tried it once but we have a rock gym in town and I want to get more upper body strength so it is more fun. Keep up the inspiration, please!

  2. I tend to say "....and I'm spent!" a la Austin Powers when I finish a physical endeavor.

    Comparisons to other people are useful when it gives you something to aspire to, but it can be demotivating too! I always have to remember that there is always someone out there better than I am, and someone I'm better than - it's a big continuum.

    You will be lead soon, it sounds like you're ready. So the first time wasn't perfect - the next time will be better. I love the image of climbing like a bull. I don't know exactly what that means, but I'm getting a great mental image :)

  3. @The (not so) Reluctant Athlete,

    Thanks! Don't wait for the upper body strength. Since you're a runner, you'll do well using the strength in your legs.


    I like the Austin Powers inspired phrase.

    Re: comparisons, thanks for the perspective because sometimes I really can't see the forest for the trees and thanks for the encouragement too.

    I love it when your imagination runs wild... :)

  4. I thought it was just your blog on Friday until I tried to visit another blogger blog and it was down too! So sad, and so glad it is back up. I laughed when I read your comment about the Sabra factory tour - it was a lot of fun and very "garlicky" smelling!

  5. @Diane,

    I'm glad that Blogger is back up too. Some people though the outage was going to last much longer.

    Mmmmm, love me some hummus. If I had been on that tour, I probably would have left out on a stretcher. ;)