Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I went to my first official yoga class, Gentle Yoga. I got there late because I had to go through a maze to find the room. I hate arriving late. The teacher asked me, of course, if it was my first time there then went on with his lecture about how yoga is not a competition as I took my place near the back.

Deeper into the class, I'm in a pretty impressive split, trying to keep my arms straight and thinking about the misleading title of the class as I'm feeling that some of the poses are not too gentle at all.

I did love arching my back, lifting my arms and taking a big ol' deep breath. So refreshing.

About thirty minutes into the class, my friend Lori asked if the class ended at 6 or 6:30. I mouthed 6:30 and wanted to add welcome to my world -- the one where you start clock-watching about 15 minutes into an hour long class.

After yoga, Lori, Opal and I went to grab coffee at the St. Louis Bread Company. I was tempted to get a salad but was glad that I had left my money elsewhere. By the way, thanks Opal for treating us to coffee.

As we were sitting down, Lori told me that I looked good, my skin was clear etc. I was going to say something about how my stomach is huge and how I've chunked up of late but I closed my mouth before I opened it because some things are more important than a number on a scale.

I drove home, changed clothes, made a sandwich then headed out to swim. I've been looking forward to swimming since going to the pool on Sunday only to find it closed for Mother's Day.

I got in 13 laps, floated, hit the shower and headed home. I popped in my D'Angelo CD and pressed the moonroof's retract button. As I listened to Dreaming Eyes, it made me think about Aretha Franklin's Day Dreaming. There was a segment on Franklin on CBS Sunday Morning. I didn't realize that Franklin wrote that song about a member of the Temptations. She was really in love with him, as you can tell by the lyrics, but he was intimidated by her. Too bad.

I drove home tonight but I was really leaping in my mind.

Nightnight y'all...


  1. A nice end to the day.

    Yoga is so much harder than I ever expect, I cannot imagine a full hour of it!

  2. gingersnapper,

    It was definitely a nice end to the day. ☺

    Regarding the yoga, I'm just glad that it wasn't Power Yoga. Otherwise, I might have had to tip out.

  3. gingersnapper,

    It takes a long time to settle down in those hour-long classes. I'm just glad that it wasn't power yoga.

    I definitely enjoyed the end of that day and I'm looking to repeat the experience soon and often.