Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wipe The Sweat Off Your Face or Month-End Review, June 2011

Saw this t-shirt in the gym last night:

You have a choice. Throw in the towel or wipe the sweat off your face.
I'm proud to say that I did wipe quite a bit of sweat off of my face and I wore my black Speedo for the last time tonight; it's officially a goner. Hope that you wiped a lot of sweat or water off your face...

10 Minute Solution: Fitness Ball Workouts

  • Upper Body

  • 10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Bootcamp

  • Basic Training, 2 x's

  • 10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones!

  • Stretching, 1 x

  • Bicycling, 2 x's

    Give Me 10!

  • Fat Blasting Cardio, 2 x's

  • Yoga Stretch and Flex, 1 x

  • Lawn Mowing, 1 x

    Personal Training With Jackie: Power Circuit Training

  • 15-Minute Upper Body Circuit, 5 x's

  • Rock Climbing, 6 x's

    Swimming, 8 x's

    Walking, 14 x's

    Wii, 4 x's

    Yard Work, 1 x

    Yoga, 3 x's

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