Monday, June 6, 2011

There's Nothing To Fear But...

As Hazira's niece, Arabela, showed me her new high tech camera, Hazira said, That's an unkind camera; it shows everything.

Right before heading into Jasper, AR, we pulled into a gas station and I cracked up when Leah pulled out her camera. I'm a shutterbug but I seldom take gas station photos. I had forgotten about the pic until Leah sent a link to her pictures.

I was apprehensive about clicking on the link because Leah has one of those unkind cameras that shows everything.

See for yourself -- the camera.

Shooting Back at Leah

What I Feared...The Thunder Everything Thighs Up Close

The Gas Station Shot of Patti & Me


Part of the Climbing Posse

In the end I accept, if not fully, that my ability to be active trumps this epic plateau that I'm experiencing.


  1. Oh, you are so right. Being active trumps everything else. I mean, you're not doing this just to be pretty(er), right? It's about what you can DO. Also, 1) those photos of you climbing are awesome, and 2) not many people look their best from the angle of "camera looking up your shorts." You look strong and gorgeous and BEing and DOing, and that's pretty cool.

    My idea of camping is to have an indoor toilet, a sink and shower, a bed with pillows, and A/C. Payne said "But that's just like a hotel!" Me: "Yes."

  2. I agree with your final sentence about acceptance. Since I first met you and your blog, you have been consistent in your passion for the climb. There's a lot of skinny-thighed peeps out there that canNOT do what you do. And heck, some of those skinnies aren't anywhere near a place of acceptance. There's lots you can do to break a plateau, and you will. But acceptance in general is just way more important.

  3. @gingersnapper,

    Wow, thanks. Thanks for making me chuckle. What you wrote was very touching.

    @Yum Yucky,

    I'm equally touched by what you wrote. Sometimes when I'm so engaged in 'battle,' I forget things and I appreciate the reminder about consistency et al...

  4. I think you look strong! No thunder thighs there. That's some muscle to kick the crap outta whoever gets outta line! Ha! :-)

  5. Farty Girl,

    Thanks. You crack me up in all the right places. ☺

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