Monday, June 13, 2011

The Making of Smiles

My response to This Emotional Life's tweet:

Re: what made me smile ths weekend: pool time, a woman's hat & umbrlla at Race for Cure, my climbing partners' camaraderie.
Other things that made me smile: Hazira's How did you like the movie? after I fell asleep on My Wife's An Actress and J.J. Barea's mismatch against LeBron James which resulted in a offensive foul against James.

Patti's encouragement on Sunday definitely made me smile on the inside. It took me five attempts to get over the arête on a route. Finally, after pulling my hips into the wall (Patti's suggestion) and abs in, I was able to elevate myself, grab this one hold and get over the hump.

Patti's observation on my arête work: Nothing's wrong with your technique. Later on, she gave me a compliment on my burgeoning technique in general. Leah said that I was ready for lead climbing and jokingly put her money where her mouth is by saying that she was going to put a down payment on the class for me.

The lead climbing class, as it turns out, is full so Mike (Leah's husband) and I, are on the waiting list.

Route Tally for Sunday, June 11th

  • Baby Steps, 5.7

  • Dig In, (Fifth Time Is The Charm), 5.9

  • Duchess of Cambridge, 5.7

  • Paranoid Troglodyte , 5.9

  • Paranoid Troglodyte (Halfway), 5.9

  • Pinkerton , 5.8

  • Static Report, 5.9

  • Summertime, 5.9

  • Leah said that any day that one is able to climb is a good day. I'm going to say that I had a very good day since I spent almost four hours at the gym. Half of it was climbing and half of it was yakking. It was enough climbing, though, that my abs, armpits, calves, forearms, sidewalls and triceps are feeling the love.

    What made you smile this weekend?

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