Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drawing the Yoga Nazi Straw

Had a little jones going on for Hot Yoga because I hadn't been since Monday. Walked in, saw Jeremy i.e. The Yoga Nazi and made peace with that.

As class started and I tried to get my drishti on, I saw Patti smiling in the mirror and that made me giggle. Luckily, I was able to rein in the giggling. At least I didn't bring my cell phone to class and forget to turn it off. Dang thing rang three different times and Jeremy was like and that's why we turn our cell phones off.

The humidity was extra high. Sweat rolled off of all parts of my body and really dripped from my elbows. As I picked up my hand towel Jeremy said, Not to single anyone out but try not to wipe the sweat away unless it's rolling into your eyes. He laughed and I smiled...

I had to go into hero pose a couple of times to rest and I had to back off of camel pose because I thought that I might vomit. At that point, couldn't believe that I had the nerve to have jonesed for Hot Yoga.

As we went from yogi sit-up to plank to decoy savasana, Jeremy asked us to get back in control of our breathing. When you control your breathing, you control your mind and heart. Let's get some control.

And I did get control again...And Jeremy? He wasn't too bad today.


  1. Would you recommend hot yoga to a newbie? I tried a pilates/yoga mix and have more interest in yoga now!

  2. Ms. Bad MJ,

    Most Bikram/Hot Yoga places say that it's for beginners et al.

    If I had tried a Hot Yoga class when I first started out, I might have been turned off by the whole yoga thing.

    My advice: sample a few more yoga classes then take on Hot Yoga...