Sunday, January 29, 2012

He's On A Boat

Went to Kettlebell 101, got in the room at 8:59 and saw that the class size had exploded.

I went to my usual spot in the room next to my usual person, Barbara, that I stand next to as Mike started counting. There would be no running around the room to warm-up -- too many bodies.

As I came down off of a jumping jack, my left calf seized up. I thought it was the beginning of a charlie horse, stepped out to massage it but, no, I pulled it or something.

My plans for this week will definitely have to be revised:

Monday: Kickboxing + Gentle Yoga OR Climbing (Depending on Patti's schedule)
Tuesday: Swimming (or, possibly, climbing if no climbing on Monday)
Wednesday: Kickboxing or Hot Yoga -- (depending on decision abt climbing)
Thursday: Hot Yoga (Depending on Monday and Wednesday's Schedule)
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Hot Yoga and Swimming
Sunday Kettlebell + ???
Ah, the best laid plans of mice and 'Drea; there will be no climbing or kicking in my future this week.

There were so many people in class that Mike kept the newbies in one room while the rest of us went into Studio B. I heard him mention the clean but Mike reassured us that the people who had been training with him for years could offer assistance.

So, the elder stateswomen of kettlebell were in charge. Someone went to hit play on an iPod or CD player and I'm On A Boat came on. I won't tell you which words I Googled to find this song.

We were all like "oh my..." So, yeah, I don't listen to the radio much because I've never heard of this song...

I was okay with the swinging until we got to the clean. When Julie stepped out of our huge circle, I knew that she was headed in my direction. Julie advised me not to start the clean from a deadlift position which I did because I've been watching this video.

See, I cannot be left alone with videos. Julie also tried to show me how to transition from one arm to the other while doing the clean. I'm hoping that, one day, the clean will become second nature.

After class, I thanked Julie for her pointers. She was pushing a boxing bag onto the floor and getting ready to take Mike's boxing class. I was just ready to collapse and nurse my calf...

Oh yeah, there was this one guy who had a kettlebell about the size of a bowling ball. While we did the clean, I couldn't help but notice his exquisite arms.


  1. ahhh exquisite arms.
    that would make me go back :)

  2. On a boat was a SNL skit...Andy Samberg has had a few silly songs featuring musical artists like Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj. I thank that's hilarious he actually had it on his playlist...

    Hope you leg gets to feeling better soon.

  3. Ms. Bad MJ,

    I had to laugh when I read your comment and it is funny that it was on his playlist.

    Thanks for shedding light on that situation. I don't catch SNL that much either. There were some things kind of funny to me in the song: I'm in my swim trunks...and my flippy floppies... The dude riding the fake dolphin -- kind of funny too.

    After self-massage and sitting out on the cardio front, the leg is feeling better. Thanks...

  4. Argh, stupid injuries! I never hurt myself during a workout, it's always during a warm up, or doing something dangerous and extreme like walking across the living room. Hope your calf is better soon.

  5. gingerzingi,

    Thanks and be careful walking around in the living room. :)

  6. @ Miz,

    That's the reason I'm going back on Sunday. :)