Sunday, January 22, 2012

Make Your Strengths Stronger

Woke up, thought it was Monday and groaned before I realized the date. It was 8:10 a.m. before I managed to peel myself from the bed. This is the latest time that I can roll out if I plan to make it to Kettlebell 101.

I/we experienced a worthy beat down but at least Mike makes us laugh. As we were running and shuffling around the room to warm-up, Mike said:

I know what you're thinking: they don't make me do this at Curves.
And later:

Ladies...and Chip.
Chip is a sweetie and he definitely reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield...

As we stretched, Mike said that it's not uncommon for one side to be stronger than the other which always makes me think about my yoga teachers. Mike's motto:

Turn your weaknesses into strengths and make your strengths stronger.
Mike asked us to find a partner and I groaned inside but it ended up being kind of cool. We basically faced off and there was a line of folks on one side of the room and then another line. Line one would do swings for 30 seconds while line two did push-ups and then we would switch tasks. We essentially did some of the same exercises that we normally do but, for some reason, it made it more interesting to alternate. Also, I can do "squat, release and press" pretty easily so it was something to look forward to when I saw line one doing that sequence.

Mike said that he would work with us on the clean and he did. I'm still having a hard time getting that move down but I've been reluctant to practice at home lest I pick up bad form and make it a habit. I asked Mike for suggestions and he thought I should take a look at:


  • Jeff Martone

  • Steve Cotter

  • *Jason Brown

  • Not sure which one does Minute of Strength but Gingerzingi had recommended that site too.

    After class, I changed shirts. I should have just brought another set of clothes. Lately, I feel like that's all I do -- deal with wet clothes...

    I headed to the rock climbing gym after class. I would say that I went for the annual membership sale but this year there was a pay online option. I went because I'm always interested in how far I can push myself. I didn't last too long but it was nice to hang out with my climbing buddies.

    A new friend found A.J. I guess he was like I climb walls; I can climb this chair to get a better view...

    And Erin's shorties came with her because they wanted to have fun...


    1. Art/Minutes of Strength are the same place. Excellent source, he's got so many videos up now I can spend hours looking at the workouts (instead of DOING the workouts :-)

    2. LOL... I worked on the clean while watching a few videos. My biceps were sore today but it took me a minute to pinpoint the source of the soreness.

    3. We need some fake workouts :)