Saturday, January 28, 2012

Turn Around and Sit On Your Asana

Usutally, after Hot Yoga, I look forward to the next session because, somehow, my selective memory kicks in. I forget about the horrors of the chair pose sequence -- raising your chest off your legs for five breaths then getting your arms up by your ears and holding that position.

I forget about the sequence of yogi sit-up, rolling over to plank, yogi sit-up. I forget...

When Crystal, Patti and I are unable to go together we swap notes about our sessions. I told them that I felt like I had turned a corner on Wednesday when I attended Cindy's class. I also told them that it's really funny that I feel like I've turned a corner because I struggle with so many of the poses: standing head to knee, half tortoise, eagle and camel.

But I also mentioned to them that maybe this was one of the biggest corners of all to have turned: enjoying Hot Yoga despite not being mega-accomplished. That and, you know, resisting the urge to stand in mountain pose during the whole class.

At the end of that stomach to back sequence of planks, sit-ups et al., Jeremy told us to turn around and sit on our asanas. Ah, yogi humor; I love it. That's why I still have a Yoga and Spa magazine with an ad from a local studio. It says: we hope to see your asana at our new location...

Just read this article the other day about yoga and burning calories. Thought it was accurate and I think this video, Shit Yogis Say, is hilarious:


  1. I loved the Shit Yogis Say video...because it's true.

    Yay! You tried hot yoga:) It's like I hate it, but then I leave feeling so good that I don't. I haven't done it in Chile, yet. It's insanely expensive here.

  2. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Hot Yoga but that's a good relationship because I thought that I would totally dislike it.

    HY can be expensive around here too but the studio that I'm going to is young so the prices are reasonable right now...