Sunday, March 4, 2012

All That Matters

Went to Beginner Kettlebell formerly Kettlebell 101. Mike added another class to accommodate the people who have been training with him for a while.

Got to class and there were five newbies and four of us from the old Kettlebell 101 which kind of put us in the same position as the old heads from the original class. We tweeners veered toward one another and had time, at first, to twiddle our thumbs while Marisa went over basics with the newbies. We got our own circuits eventually and, later, we all did circuits together.

It was weird having a new teacher. I missed my other classmates and I was hoping that we'd go over the clean but we didn't. In the end, I got in a very good workout and that's all that really matters. Right before class started and when Intermediate Kettlebell had ended, Barbara (another tweener of sorts) told me that Mike had tried to kill them with double cleans et al...Yeah, maybe I don't miss Mike.

While I swung, I noticed how symmetrical and toned my arms are. The upper part measures in at almost 14 inches now. I'm hoping that I can locate my measurements from when I first participated in the National Body Challenge to compare. Unfortunately, I haven't been very good about documenting...


  1. lovelovelove the bodypositive self-love in the last paragraph...

  2. New teachers are weird, right??!

    I got a new teacher at my Iyengar yoga class and she's stricter than the other one (who was a sub) and she has favorites. Sigh.

  3. @Miz,

    Trying to do more of that. :)


    I started a cardio class and really like the sub and was disappointed when regular teacher came back but I grew to like her. I've also had yoga sub that blew my mind and it was hard to get used to the regular teacher again.

    That bites that your teacher has favorites...