Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Prana Is His Music

No Hot Yoga for Crystal or Patti. I told them they were making me leave the room before I even got there.

Patti: I don’t think you can leave the room. They won’t let you.

Crystal: You can leave but you can’t come back in.

Me: At least it's not like probation; you leave and can't come back for a week.
Even though I wasn’t totally sure about my stamina, I drew inspiration from this post and this one (quite funny) then headed for Hot Yoga.

Put my mat down and there were only two other mats in the room. When I went back in the room, other people had placed their mats really close to mine. Seriously? There were only 13 people in the room. Spread out, people.

Before Jeremy assumed his position on the throne at the front of the class, he was like Why is everybody on one side of the room? Thank you, Jeremy.

I immediately notice that Jeremy has a brand spanking new tribal tattoo on his lower left arm and my drishti stayed on his forearm for a while...

Your breathing is my music tonight said Jeremy and that made me think of what song? That’s right. Whitney Houston’s I’m Your Baby Tonight.

As we did balancing stick pose, Jeremy implored us to give 110%. Show that left leg who’s the boss.

And surprise, surprise. Jeremy gave us a pop quiz. Your prana is your strength and without prana, you _____.

But people were kind of hesitant to answer because, hello Jeremy, there’s no talking in class.

P.S. To the newbie who was next to me: leave the perfume at home. No one wants to smell your perfume roasting at 99 degrees.


  1. Exactly. I'm so over people and their loud, long-lasting fragrances...