Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Day...Or Not

My mind got very creative before Hot Yoga class writing all kinds of stories about this pose and that one and how that situation and this one is hard. As I neared the studio, I found a CD with Chaka Khan's I'm Every Woman because I needed to hear it.

As I parked, I saw Jeremy outside enjoying the weather. Placed my mat in the studio where I saw a mat with his name written on.

Me: So, you have your name written on your mat. It's something about your name being there that makes me want to take it. Kind of like when I see a do not disturb sign; makes me want to disturb.

Jeremy: Be careful about opening Pandora's Box.

Me: The mat or the do not disturb sign?

Jeremy: (Shrugged)...

Cindy was at the helm tonight and she said many things that I needed to hear:

  • Yoga = Calm Determination

  • Focus on the breath and focus on your forehead.

  • When she said the latter, I was really able to gather myself.

    During half tortoise, Cindy encouraged us to get our hips to our heels then said if we weren't there, we'd get there one day...or not.

    And just as I thought about how much my bow or some other pose sucked, Cindy chimed in with Let go of thoughts about how you did in that pose and I did let go which was very refreshing.

    After class, Jeremy gave me tips about how to approach eagle pose. I don't know what I thought when I joked with him about his mat because Jeremy will, eventually, be at the helm again. Do I really want to deal with what he's going to unleash out of that box of his?

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