Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lapping It Up At Night

My usual method of operation is to start exercising immediately after work and I pack workout paraphernalia plus snacks to tide me over but swimming is a different story.

The best time for swimming is usually for an open swim that starts at 7:30 p.m. but, oh, the time lag is dangerous. I get very relaxed and feel like I don't have an ounce of energy by the time open swim rolls around but I press on and it's usually so worth it.

I think that I've turned a corner with my front crawl breathing. It no longer seems like the impossible dream. The lane doesn't seem Twilight Zonish where it goes on forever and ever. I know that I can make it from one end of the lane to the other without pulling up or gasping for air. I look forward to feeling even more in sync and I would love to get to the point where I feel comfortable enough to do another sprint triathlon. The other legs of the event don't bother me but I really don't like the rushed pace of swimming...

My cousin got me this t-shirt.



I found the back funny but not funny, of course...

Do you have a designated time to exercise? If you miss your time, are you able to regroup?


  1. I wish I could swim to build muscle. It'd be a wonderful break from the stuff/stress I deal with all day long.

    I can almost never workout. Sadly. I try to squeeze in some time for myself, but my two kids literally own me. The infant doesn't sleep well, so...if I can sneak away from him early in the morning to go walk, I'll end up losing even more sleep than I already get (4-6 hours a night...*sigh*). As you can imagine, I'm exhausted most of the time to begin with. The oldest one is special needs, so...he consumes the rest of my time. The only thing I can do is Wii workouts and they're starting to get more difficult because of my oldest child keeps interrupting them every, like, 1 minute.

    But...I'm still trying the best I can and not dwelling on it. So...I guess I do regroup.

  2. Chubby McGee,

    Re: the stress break, I think that's why I try to keep swimming in the rotation -- for the exercise and for the peace of mind that comes with being in the water.

    You definitely have your hands full but I'm glad that you're keeping your eyes on the prize. I hope that sometime in the near future you'll be less exhausted...

  3. The kid saying he was afraid of heights halfway in cracked me up. I think the first time I climbed I looked down and said, "What if I don't want to keep going but also don't want to go down?"

  4. That comment was totally for your OTHER post. My bad.

  5. sarabeck,

    The kids definitely crack me. Usually, though, they are very brave and keep going. I've seen some pretty good kid climbers...

    The first time that I made it to the top, I was told to let go so that I could be lowered. It was hard to take my hand off the wall -- as if my hand were holding me up. :)

    Re: the other post, it's all good.