Saturday, January 22, 2011

Show and Tell Saturday

Climbing route tally:

  • Coffee Stout, 5.8

  • Rangerface Baby McGee, 5.8

  • We (Fear) The People, 5.8

  • Pandora's Box, 5.9, Attempted

  • Pandora's Box, 5.9

  • Rodeo Cowboys, 5.9

  • What's Next?, 5.9

  • White Route, 5.9

  • My rock climbing shoes are as comfortable as they get but they tend to rub my heels. I've been putting oversized bandages and/or tape and it feels much better.

    I was drawn to these sisters who normally boulder or climb but they were completely absorbed in their electronics and looked absolutely at peace.

    Later found out that they had been at a slumber party and had no energy to climb.

    Isn't this amaryllis gorgeous?

    It's made me stop in my tracks a couple of times.

    And someone's been tracking in my backyard. The indentations captured my attention from the window.

    Going to see Cirque du Soleil.

    Can this day get any better?

    Hope that you're having a superb Saturday.


    1. Laura I.,

      It has been a good day -- can't beat the C's -- climbing, the camaraderie of climbing and the circus. In general, Saturdays feel so right to me...

    2. ooooooooh Cirque du Soleil!! how cool! i would love to see that live. of course i'd have to be front and center to truly appreciate all the awesomeness.
      my saturday was alright.......very tired and had lots of errands to run. i like running errands, but everything is harder when you're tired.

    3. Heather,

      Hope that you will be less tired soon.

      You definitely have to see Cirque at least once and I know that Trinity would love it. :)

      Take care of yourself…