Monday, October 11, 2010

One Minute Solution

I'm still in love with the whole 10 Minute Solution concept because if I, say, go rock climbing but I only get in five or six routes, I can come home and do additional exercise and be satisfied that I got in, at least, 30 minutes of exercise.

I tried out 10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results fat burner.

Power Sports Drills They should have called this segment one minute solution because I was huffing and puffing about one minute in.

There are gate swings and fast squats

Dug the jumping jacks where you cross your arms and cross your legs; I had never done jumping jacks that way before. Don't judge. I only go to one cardio class and I'm on my own for the rest of the week.

Likewise, I've never played soccer. I wish that I had because it looks like fun -- kicking, head butting, hitting the ball with your head and running with abandon down a field.

This is sad but I still remember The Explainer article in Slate magazine about the 2006 Zinedine Zidane headbutt seen across the world.

How was Zidane's head-butting technique? Impeccable. Experts in self-defense and mixed martial arts say Zidane's head butt was a flawless demonstration of the form. He positioned his feet close to his opponent and stepped into the blow, contracting his abdominal muscles to curve into the attack...
Do you say in Slate if the mag is only online? Also, have you ever wanted to headbutt someone? I digressed...

I enjoyed the soccer drills – especially the one when you kick the ball across the field. Charging the net, spiking the volleyball, stopping the puck (ice skating), bumping the ball with your elbows flexed while lunging all moved me -- literally.

In all honesty, I don't really care for lunges but I've read that they are supposed to be the ultimate in lower body exercises.

This is all about having fun,” Cat Chiarelli says and it is fun even though you're getting your behind kicked.

The speed and agility drills wore me out. I was breathing heavily but enjoyed the challenge and, as always , because the segments are 10 minutes long, you know that *it* won’t last forever.

Extreme Intervals -- let's just call this one the leggy segment. You know you’re in trouble when jumping rope is the least intense activity with the exception of the recovery activity. If the sweat is not rolling by this point, to paraphrase Jackie Warner, your “weights” must not be heavy enough. During speed skater recovery phase (the slow down version) – emphasis was placed on control and flexibility.

Here I am doing snow board jumps followed by alternating diagonal lunges on the traverse plane (CC's words not mine)… Excuse my junky basement (my words).

Low Impact Fat Blaster -- don't let the name fool ya... You'll encounter hamstring curls, ye ol' grapevine which are moves that you'll do in most cardio classes. Yet, Chiarelli keeps the routine fresh enough that you don't feel like you've been there and done that. The music is peppy. So, expect to move at a fast pace.

Rapid Results Kickboxing is possibly my second favorite segment on this DVD. Love the speed bag, upper cut, squat kicks, stepping, jabbing, boxer shuffleness of it all.

Cardio Max For someone choreography-challenged, Cardio Max was the most challenging segment to keep up with but, if you hang in there, you catch on to the steps. I always remember what one DVD instructor said, it's about intention -- so, I hung in there and did my best.

I really enjoyed this DVD and look forward (can't believe that I write things like this) to incorporating it into my regimen.

Have you tried out any new DVDs or activities lately?


  1. i wish i could get into exercise dvds more....i just can't.
    i think i overdid it about 10 years ago. there was one VHS video i did EVERY.DAY. for several months until the actual ribbon in the case split!
    also, now that i'm a mom, if i'm at home there's so much to do and all that other stuff is just distracting. i have to go to the gym to get away from it all, or workout at home when nobody else is there and all the chores are done.

  2. wheeww I'm tired just reading /watching that! lol You go girl!

  3. I don't have an exercise DVD's right now - but I'd like to try the Shred someday!

  4. This sounds ideal - I really need something for intervals, because I just don't work hard enough on my own. Unless someone is setting the pace I tend to slack off.

    I looked on Netflix and they have a lot of 10-minute Solutions, but not this one. Can you take a look, go to and search for 10 Minute Solution? Maybe you can make a recommendation about which one might be most like this one.

  5. here's the url, don't know if it will be the same for you if you're not logged in as me...

  6. I should probably say that my vacation also includes exercise. I've jogged a couple of times but no wieghts or anything. Then Luis hurt himself climbing and has to wear a sling so I won't be climbing here either! I probably need a rapid solution :p

  7. @Heather,

    You really did wear that VHS out. At least you were using your powers for good not...

    I belong to a gym but I'm really underutilizing it right now. I gotta rethink my game plan -- big time.


    I was tired doing that exercise but it was a good tired. ;)

    @Diane Fit...,

    Believe it or not, I have that Shred DVD but I haven't gotten around to popping it in the DVD player yet.


    I will take a look and get back to you...


    Jogging is good.

    It's no fun when you can't exercise like you want to. One of my climbing partners hurt his biceps and had to sit out for about a month.