Friday, October 29, 2010

I Owed It To Myself

I bought a Wii with birthday money but, first, I went through my usual nail-biting of contemplating want vs. need.
Me to Patti: I'm thinking about getting a Wii but...

Patti: Did you enjoy it (when I borrowed Kate's)?

Me: Yes.

Patti: Then you owe to yourself to get one.
I was also able to get a Wii charger. My folks were so kind to me and, yet, I haven't started on the thank you notes.

No one with a clutter problem should be allowed to get a Wii.

So much packaging and the manual for the Wii is about the same size as my car manual.

Yesterday, I got so caught up in the obstacle course on Wii Fit Plus that I jumped on the Wii board. The game reset and I got a reminder that one should not be jumping on the board.

I picked up some games from the library

and I don't know if Wii conceptualizes games better but I haven't been really digging the videos that I checked out.

I still love the library -- even when I'm a guest. I didn't tell you all (unless you follow me on Twitter) about my Las Vegas cabbie story. I called a cab and when I asked the gentleman to take me to the library, he was deeply disappointed, wanted to go to The Strip but no one from my hotel ever wanted to go to The Strip and in 32 years no one had ever asked him to go to the library.

  • #1 It annoys me when people exaggerate.

  • #2 The cabbie was the one lacking in common sense because the hotel that I stayed at had a shuttle that would take you to The Strip. So, why would anyone staying at the hotel pay for a cab ride when they had access to a free shuttle???

  • You would have been so proud of me. I didn't get an attitude AND I stayed engaged.

    What's been one of your most memorable birthday gifts that you've been given or that you've given to yourself?

    By the way, I often have this song stuck in my head now:


    1. One of my favorite presents was my Olympic bench and weights.

    2. gingersnapper,

      If I got an Olympic bench for my b-day, I wouldn't know what to do with it; you'd have to show me what I needed to do. ;)

      And I would take care of the spiders for you. Deal?