Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not A Better Way To Spend The Day

American Family, Geico and Holland America beat my family and friends to the punch. Ah, corporate birthday greetings generated from stored information. Holland America's was the most memorable. If HA thinks their e-card makes me want to go on a cruise, they can just think again. Well, actually, a cruise would be nice.

Me: I gotta go. I'm supposed to meet someone for rock climbing in 10 minutes.

My brother: You're going rock climbing on your birthday?

Me: I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday.
This newbie, Wynne, who was climbing with Patti while she rock climb cheated on me, told me that she had seen me climb before and that I was awesome and she told me more than once and it's amazing how people tell you things when you need to hear them. I've been feeling like I've made little progress with climbing but Patti gave me a pat on the back as well. She said that, at nine months, I am more advanced than she was. I will believe Patti because I want to.

Birthday Route Tally:

Wild Card, 5.6
People's Choice, 5.7
Steller's, 5.8
Where's My Mind?, 5.8
Pacman Revival, 5.9 (2x's)
Hermano?, 5.9
Photosynthesis, 5.9
Slammer, 5.9 (Attempted 2x's but, alas, I got slammed)

Had baked falafel for dinner with a few friends and one still doesn't know how weird I am about food. I told her what I thought was in the super sized mocha muffin.

Instead, I'm gonna have a VitaTop from my 12 pack that was given to me by a colleague for my b-day.

And I'm gonna enjoy my flowers too and continue to ride the wave of warm and fuzzy feelings.

I'm also going to think about the woman with the Jack Russell Terrier Pug who greatly amused us for about 30 minutes outside of the coffee shop where we had the falafel. When she said Imagine if I were to get down on all fours..., I laughed and laughed. She was such a sweetie, quite the storyteller and completely in love with Conner, the JRT Pug.

Stay tuned to see if I give myself the gift of Wii...


  1. Happy Birthday pookie!! I can't believe I almost missed it!! And you didn't tell anyone until the actual day!

  2. Happy Birthday 'Drea! Much love being sent from The Big Apple Area! MB

  3. Birthday girl! Many Happy Returns!!

    For the last few years, I've been disgusted/saddened that I get more Christmas cards from businesses than from family and friends...

  4. @Angela,

    How's that for a reverse surprise birthday? ;) Pookie thanks you for the b-day love.


    Hey woman! I've been thinking about you. I know, I know; what a *coincidence.* I'm looking to break the seven year trend. Miss you...


    Thanks woman.

    Yeah, I think that people are so used to sending e-greetings now, that paper cards (b-day and Christmas) are quickly fading away. Every now and then, I get the urge to send out an old-fashioned letter...

  5. Happy Birthday! I've gotten some e-cards but do enjoy the real cards too!

  6. Happy belated! And you're not alone, I always make sure I have a super-tough workout on my birthday to start the year off right! Hope you have a fab year.

  7. @Diane,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and, yeah, all greetings are nice but it's even nicer to hold a few cards and display them.

    @The (not so) Reluctant Athlete,

    Thanks woman. It was definitely nice to start the b-day off climbing the walls. ;)