Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Good Life

  • Patti to me: Climbing doesn't look too promising this week. August 30th

  • Patti: Friday lunch is out for me...but Mike might be available.

  • Me to Patti: I'm not sweating the climbing thing; it's probably time to shake up the routine anyway...

  • Me: I said that I wasn't sweating not climbing but knowing that Upper Limits will be closed on Monday, LOL, I'm starting to sweat it. Sept. 3rd

  • I have fingernails and receding calluses -- a sure sign that I needed to get back in the climbing gym. It wasn't a great outing but it wasn't bad either.

    Route Tally for Sept. 8th:

    People's Choice, 5.7
    Scott's First, 5.8
    Steller's, 5.8
    Where's My Mind?, 5.8
    Where The Beer Flows Like Wine, 5.8
    Hermano?, 5.9 (Attempted four times but couldn't get over arĂȘte.)
    Pacman Revival, 5.9
    Photosynthesis, 5.9

    Side note: My barber asked me about my holiday weekend. Had to think a minute about what holiday then I recovered. I told her that I bicycled, walked, read etc.

    Oh, you gotta good life; I wanna do stuff like that...
    It was interesting to see her perspective on what constitutes a good life especially since I've been feeling stuck lately.

    Do you feel like you have a good life? Feel free to elaborate...


    1. I have a great life, but that doesn't mean I would object to winning the lottery and being swept off to travel the world. :D

      I had the best workout at Yoga tonight that I've had in weeks. So yes, sometimes you need to shake it up.

    2. I have a wonderful life. Is it perfect? Definitely not - but I can't imagine what I'd give up - except maybe housecleaning. I do it, but don't love it!

    3. Wow-what a great comment from your barber to remind you of your blessings! I like it alot :)
      I do have a good life, because my life is not just my circumstances, but my attitude ABOUT my circumstances.
      To be perfectly honest, there are ALOT of really crappy circumstances in my life right now. ALOT. attitude and my perspective about those circumstances are positive,optimistic, and hopeful.
      Thank you, Lord!

    4. I love that a lack of callouses is a sign that you need to get back to the gym. I wear mine like a badge of honor! :)

    5. @Angela,

      I always appreciate your perspective.

      I'm glad that you really enjoyed your yoga workout. I did 10 minutes of *power* yoga yesterday and I could tell that I was stronger. I wasn't struggling as much through the routine and was able to hold certain poses longer; it felt so good. My abs feel all taught and that, oddly enough, makes me satisfied. :)


      Thanks for the feedback; it's appreciated.

      I keep getting brochures from The Cleaning Authority that say life is too short to clean your own house. I'm starting to agree with them. ;)


      My barber's comment certainly made me stop, reflect and appreciate my leisure time.

      I hope your circumstances improve but I'm glad that you're able to maintain a positive attitude and perspective.

      I've definitely read and listened to a lot of material that says your attitude is more important than circumstances. Thanks for the reminder.

      @The (not so) Reluctant Athlete,

      Sometimes I look at my hands and think I really need to get with some Shea or cocoa butter or a pair of gloves or something but I would never give up climbing because of some marks on my hand. It's too late now; I'm addicted. ;)