Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Few Good Podcasts

I definitely dig my Go List of songs when I'm working out but I like something different every now and then. Here are podcasts that I found engaging:

1). Instant Stress Relief, an interview with Aila Accad, RN, MSN

Accad contends that the main kind of stress is distress which occurs when you feel out of control. She believes that people respond to distress in the following manner:

Shut Down

She also believes that the body is the last thing to break down when you're experiencing stress because, before that, relationships etc. have suffered.

Also notable is the fact that Accad lost 100 pounds three times -- saying that, among other things, her infantile pattern of eating was to blame.

Accad's number one stress buster: breathe. She also talks about strategies for dealing with our future-oriented mind that is prone to worry.

Also mentioned in this podcast is the documentary, Try It On Everything, about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Link to podcast:

Total Time: 29:55

2). Healing Touch: Hands-On Energy Balancing for Wholeness

Nurses Kimberly Gray and Vicky Slater (holistic nurse of 2002) discuss the benefits of Healing Touch, an alternative healing method that deals with balancing the energy field through contact and non contact.

Points made in podcast:

People come in because their lives aren't working.

Hands in motion (energy work) is more powerful when you have someone else do it.

The heart puts out the strongest magnetic field in the body.

Total Time: 55:41

3). Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Kelly Stone and Raena Morgan talk with Juliet Trinka about massage. Trinka became interested in bodywork after taking up yoga. She also answers questions from listeners.

Trinka is particularly fascinated with Thai massage and says that it is very similar to yoga as far as benefits are concerned.


Length: 41:54

4). Yoga: The Mind Body Connection

In this podcast Kelly Stone interviews Dawn Morgan the founder of The Spirit Room in Fargo, ND.


How the state of the mind often dictates the state of the body

How some people are more prone to have quieter minds than others...

Advice given by Morgan:

Don't malign others

Appreciate everyone even those who anger you because your response indicates that there's something that needs to be worked on

Don't expect applause

Belly dancing as holistic

Morgan also talks about a grant that she received enabling her to feature the artist Izudin Becic, a Bosnian refugee.

Of Izudin she says:

...When he came to this country, he found himself carving. And it meant so much to him. It was a healing art to him.

Time: 36:37

5). The Health Miracles of Coconut Oil

Dr. Fife talks about coconut -- the meat, milk, heart and sap

He believes that coconut oil is superior to olive oil, is good for diabetics -- especially in helping with circulation, is just as good as breast milk, can be used for sunscreen and in treating fungus.

Total Time: 44:56

6). Flight Attendant Confidential

David Lytle of Frommer's sits down to talk with Heather Poole who discusses the challenges of being a flight attendant including lower wages after 9/11 and pleasing a wide variety of people. She says that one person will say it's the best flight they've had and another will say it was the worst.

While Poole contends that flying can be like an episode of Survivor, she ultimately says:

Go with the flow.

Deal with it.

Get to know the people around you.

Link to Frommer's Episode 99

Length: 29:14

7). Eating Our Way Through Europe

Rick Steves takes listener questions and talks with Jaime Blair Gould about cheese and olive oil appreciation plus slow and seasonal eating.

Steves also mentions how Americans usually eat on the way to somewhere while eating out is a slow affair for most Europeans who will, in fact, be insulted if the restaurant staff in any way appears to be rushing them out the door.

One of Steves' top travel payoffs? Eating good food.

But don't believe the commercial when it says "Public radio -- the next best thing to an airplane ticket." Um, don't think so.

Steves has a good radio voice.
52:40, length of program

Link to Rick Steves' archives because I, oops, misplaced link to this one.

8). The Many Voices of Lauryn Hill (All Things Considered)

Speaking of good voices, this podcast is short but sweet, talks about Hill's possible comeback and likens Hill to LeBron James -- someone who entered the league with a lot of potential and delivered as a rookie. Hill answers the question of why she disappeared.


Total Time: 09:00 minutes

9). It Was The Best of Sentences

The Grammar Girl a.k.a. Mignon Fogarty interviews June Casagrande who is the author of Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies and Mortal Syntax.

I like what Casagrande had to say about a Stieg Larsson book. She said that she found it poorly written but wildly fascinating and that when she is reading a book, she is, primarily, looking for a good story.

Mignon asked Casagrande what she thought about the English professor that got arrested at Starbucks because she wouldn't order something in the *appropriate* lingo.

Casagrande was like, first of all, why was she going to Starbucks for a multigrain bagel when there are so many great bagel establishments in New York City. She also talked about the power of asking questions when it comes to corporations and how many of them force you to speak their lingo...

Length: 26:35

10). Rolfing

This Rolfing practitioner can't thank his massage therapist enough. He was referred to a Rolfing practitioner which lead to his eventually becoming one. He says that most people seek out a practitioner for permanent relief from pain.

He also discusses the difference between a Rolfing practitioner and a chiropractor.

Link to Episode 68

Length: 18:21

Have you listened to any memorable podcasts?


  1. I gotta look these up...thanks for the recommendations! :)

  2. Thanks - I loved Lauren Hills music and was sad to see her pretty much disappearing and wondered why.

    Feels like she's denying the responsibility for how things went, at least to some degree - but I guess she was much further developed as a singer than as a person.

  3. Interesting about the body breaking down last from stress. I know for me, that's true...and my relationship is always first. Poor hubby :(

  4. @TJ,

    Let me know what you think...

    @Thai Massage,

    I just hope that she returns. Until then, I guess we'll have to enjoy and be satisfied with her old music.

    @Nicole, RD,

    It's amazing what stress can do to the body and, hopefully, Mr. Prevention's days of *poor...* will soon be behind him ;)