Monday, September 6, 2010

The Rough Guide To A Fit & Active Holiday Weekend

  • Friday
  • Take a break and don't ignore what massage therapist said about hip. End exercise streak at 64 days and get rest.

  • Saturday
  • Ride on Grant's Trail and brake for pedestrians.

  • Sunday

  • Go to The St. Louis Riverfront Trail.

    Take an extra shirt.

    Put on sunscreen.

    Don't forget sunglasses, MP3 Player and snack.

    Chill out...

    Don't freak out because your starting point was the Arch and, now, it's so small that you can barely see it.

    Look at Riverview memorial.

    Be reminded of one closer to home.

  • Monday

  • Hug the bed a little longer, forgo bicycling and get back in touch with the wonder that is Forest Park.

    Check out the tree losing bark.

    Stop and smell the chipmunk.

    Check out the algae.

    Revel in the joy of moving about...

    Ponder the I Love Women t-shirt worn by woman: Intimate love or love in the Alice-Walker-I-Don't-Fear-Women's Culture-Way?

    Were you fit and active this weekend? Did you hug the bed a little bit longer? Hope so...


    1. What an active, fun, and beautiful weekend! I was fit & active, too...2 long walks (3-4 miles) with my mom over the weekend and a 3.7 mile run with my hubby on Monday!

    2. Oh my gosh! So, how far was your little jaunt? That picture showing the arch in the distance makes it look like it's 15 miles away!
      Looks like a relaxing time actually :)
      I had an active weekend in the sense that I did alot of cleaning,organizing,and purging old stuff to get ready for the move :)
      I also fit in a couple weight workouts.
      Looks liek you're going well :)

    3. @Nicole, RD,

      Don't you just love long walks? Sorry, can't comment on long runs. ;)


      The Arch was about 11 miles away. I was drained for some reason but found the wherewithal to get back. Otherwise, well, there was no otherwise. ;)

      :o, I need to do what you're doing: cleaning, organizing etc. -- even though I'm not moving...