Saturday, October 9, 2010

Déjà Vu

Peeling and prying were required to extract myself from bed. I think that I finally rolled out around 10 and it felt like that moment in The Matrix when Neo says "A black cat went by us and then another that looked just like it."

The same thing happened last Saturday after having acupuncture on Friday evening and, dang, I didn't even ask for the relaxation needle this time.

My friend, however, asked for a ton of needles prompting the acupuncturist to deliver the corniest of acupuncture one-liners: you're a needle junkie, hunh?

Then, inexplicably, said acupuncturist asked me if I had heard of this gospel song called Joy, Joy...Down in My Heart and something about if the devil doesn't like he can sit on a tack. When he started singing it, I thought that I was going to fall out of my chair laughing -- especially when he mimicked sitting on a tack. You had to be there...

What can I say? The new acupuncturist is special.

Responding to an inquiry from my aunt, I told her that I had just gotten an acupuncture treatment.

Me: I went to Community Acupuncture.

Aunt: I hope that doesn't mean community needles.
My family worries about me. Some of my kin have resigned themselves to the fact that I walk to the beat of a different drummer. Don't we all though?

When I tweeted earlier that I was in a trance, TJ advised me to take it easy and that's what I've been doing. Hope that you are taking it easy too.

Note to self
: Put on lotion before next acupuncture session.


  1. Purty,

    You know that you wanna come on this trip with me. ;)

  2. I know that song! My family too is used to me doing my own thing.

  3. @Diane,

    I now have that song on repeat mode in my head. ;)


    I think you're right and it's nice to hear. In this case, I don't like belonging to a small group. :)