Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Few Notes

Note to self:
Do not head to the riverfront at the same time that the fans are headed to the Edward Jones Dome.
Note to Rams:
Win the game.

I wore a helmet today

because the last time that I went down one of these

a corner followed by a patch of gravel almost led to my downfall.

Unplanned graffiti:

Planned graffiti:

Obligatory shot of Mississippi river:

Obligatory shot of Arch:

I got in 14 miles but mile six was the most beautiful.

The displaced homeless (yeah, I know -- oxymoron) who were evicted from one part of downtown have now started to erect tents along the Riverfront Trail. Some of them have bikes but they have no helmets...

Hope that you got your exercise groove on this weekend.


  1. Glad you wore a helmet, and I like the pictures as we have nothing pretty around here! I walked this morning and over the weekend we went on a several mile hike with the whole family!

  2. looks like a great ride :) sad about the homeless. i live in such a sheltered little part of the midwest, that's not seen too much. but, when visiting Seattle, we saw an entire "tent town" in a parking lot. :(

  3. @Diane,

    I'm trying to make a habit of wearing a helmet but not wearing one is a hard habit to break.

    I haven't been hiking in a while. I think it's time. Went for a walk today; the weather was perfect.

    Hope that you get to walk somewhere soon where the scenery is memorable...


    I really enjoyed my ride. And, yeah, it is sad about the homeless. I know that I'm not the only one who wonders how some people have so much and, at the other end of the spectrum, there are people who don't have something as fundamental as a housing...

  4. woo! I did get my exercise groove on this weekend (love that!). I got in a great 4.2 mile run and an awesome hockey game. It felt great after a week off due to illness! Have a super week, Drea!

  5. @Nicole, RD,

    Kudos on getting your exercise groove on. I wish that I knew how to ice skate. Other than the fights that break out, hockey sounds like fun.

    I hope that you have a great week too. ☺