Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Social Part Of It

Here's what my inbox looked like this week:

  • Pictures of What Else? Rock Climbing

  • Climbing, FYI

  • Climbing 5:30 p.m.

  • Climbing This Week

  • Re: Climbing This Week

  • Re: Climbing, FYI

  • So, yeah, the dishes aren't washed and I haven't stretched but I got my climb on this week. I did manage to get in an Epsom Salt bath (while eating a paltry sandwich and reading a book) but I won't be able to do that anymore as I've reached the bottom of the salt box...

    My "new" boss decided to have an Ice Cream Social for all three of her departments yesterday and, even if we didn't eat ice cream, she wanted us to come for the social part of it. The social was not at the most ideal time but I thought it would be rude not to attend. And guess what? I ended up sitting across from a rock climber. I also got some tips from her about front crawl breathing. I wanted to also get rock climbing tips since she's a lead climber and is able to ascend routes in the 5.11 range but I ran out of time.

    I have not been climbing too much out of my comfort zone because my shoulder is still bothering me but here are the results.

    Route Tally for Oct. 13th:

    Billy Goat Chips, 5.8 (Burly for a 5.8)
    Life in the Pack, 5.8
    Scott's First, 5.8
    Steller's, 5.8
    Where The Beer Flows Like Wine, 5.8 (Attempted)

    Photosynthesis, 5.9 (climbed 3/4 of the way as I played guinea pig for some one's belay certification)

    Photosynthesis, 5.9
    Six Week Warrior, 5.9
    Slammer, 5.9 (Attempted)

    Been to any ice cream socials this week? Stuck on the same exercise note?


    1. I SCREAM YOU My tummy screams at me if I eat ice cream. lol Glad you got to chat w/ a fellow climber- you social butterfly you! lol

    2. @TJ,

      I only indulged in socializing since I'd much rather have SO Delicious or Trader Joe's Soy Cream Mini choc sandwiches bars OR Edy's Fruit Bars. Plus, I hadn't had lunch yet. So, it was no dessert before lunch for me. ;)