Thursday, November 18, 2010

Squeezing My Toes

I went to the library to get an acupressure book. After this post and this one and not to mention the other one and the last situation, who's surprised?

I saw that The Acupressure Atlas was on the shelf and was too impatient to request it and have it delivered to my regular library. That could take days, after all. My decision to pick up the book was a good one since I haven't browsed the library's shelves in ages; it's such a cool feeling to slow down, look at all those spines and be tempted by a title, pick up one and it inspect it further.

My eyes fell on such a cool book. Cooler than cool. Self-Massage for Athletes.

I have found the routines for massaging feet, quads, hips, knees and shoulders extremely helpful.

Here's an excerpt from the routine for massaging your feet:

both hands over your foot for warmth.

  • Try gliding your knuckles over the bottom of your foot...

  • Squeeze all five toes together a few times, then roll your whole foot at the ankle, relaxing and surrendering to the sensation.

    Squeeze & Roll
    each toe, gently pulling, twisting, and stretching it...

    You'd be surprised how good squeezing your toes together feels. Or maybe you're not...


    1. I don't wanna do this to myself---I want someone to do it for me! Sticking out my toes.... lol

    2. TJ,

      Hilarious. Since you made me laugh, I'll be happy to oblige when I arrive on West Coast. :)

    3. when my husband and i were "courting" i gave him his first foot massage ever. he proposed the next day. :)

    4. Heather,

      That must have been one heck of a foot massage. :)

      Were you going by instinct or have you been practicing for a while?

    5. it was just instinct.....but the whole toe squeezing and twisting part was very significant.
      it DOES feel good though. i'd rather have an hour of just foot massaging than a whole body massage :)

    6. Heather,

      That's so cool that you were doing the massage by instinct. Sounds like you have gifted hands.

      While I can massage my own feet, for the most part, having someone else do it is unbearable but I'm glad that that it's a meaningful experience for you and others. :)