Thursday, November 4, 2010

Avoid Stress Whenever Possible

Since I went to this workshop, I've become occupied with acupressure and I would love to go to another workshop but, for now, I'll have to be satisfied with having read Acupressure and Reflexology for Dummies.

The highlights:

For maximum benefits to your immune system, use healing arts in conjunction with related techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing. In addition, avoid stress whenever possible. (21)

And, by the way, I need to invest in two tennis balls.

The easiest and perhaps best tool you can ever have is simply made up of two tennis balls and a sock. Put the tennis balls in the sock all the way to the toe, and then tie the end of the sock so that the balls are held tightly together. Voila -- an acupressure tool! (28)

Another highlight:

Breathe! Your breath is the best tool you have for relaxation. (38)

In the chapter, Maintaining Good Health, I loved this definition:

Optimal wellness is expressed not only by a lack of sickness or symptoms, but also by vitality, motivation, and general well-being. (107)

Say hello to the Grandfather-Grandson Point:

This point supports and nourishes all aspects of the body-mind and balances circulation. Use for grounding and emotional balance while relieving worry and anxiety. (112)

And the Inner Gate Point:

This point balances yin energy...protects the heart meridian from excess stress...(112)

The Union Valley Point:

(This point is good for so much, including headaches)

Use to reduce muscle tension and relieve stress. Promotes downward flow of qi. (112)

Last highlights:

Like optimal wellness, emotional well-being is more than an absence of symptoms like depression or frustration. It's an appetite for life. It includes feelings of confidence and self-worth, a desire to fulfill one's dreams, and the motivation to do so. (122)

Also, when your energy flow is in sync and you have emotional balance, you tend to enjoy more positive relationships with loved ones and interact better with professional colleagues. (311)

Now, if I can just remember where all of the meridians are and avoid odd stares when I take my socks off, I'll be golden...


  1. I need to look into this. My husband gets this terrible pain in his neck and shoulders, and I'd rub his back and neck for what seemed like hours without it doing any good. Then our doctor showed him this one spot on his back, sort of around the shoulder blade, where I can just press on it REALLY HARD for a minute, and SWOOSH! the pain is gone. Just like that.

  2. gingersnapper,

    That is so cool (um, not your husband's pain) and I've investigated that spot. Can't remember the name of it but I know what you're talking about.

  3. Excellent Post. I can very well manage the stress with the help of Hypnosis. It is very helpful.

  4. Hall,


    I haven't tried hypnosis yet and it was actually mentioned as an option in one of the acupressure books that I recently read.

    I'm going to read up on hypnosis...