Sunday, November 28, 2010

When A Minute Lasts Forever

One minute is an eternity in Jackie Warner’s world. I learned, at least, from previous experience not to wear glasses while attempting a Warner workout. So, before I popped in this DVD, I took care of eyewear matters.

Warner aims to cut your workout in half by doing compound moves and she drives your body “straight into the cardio zone.”

The warm-up consists of plié squats, running in place and reverse lunges with torso twists. At one point, Warner tells her cohorts that she hears them breathing (during the warm-up) and that they are going to be in a world of pain. While it's not technically a world of pain, be prepared for a gut check.

The first segment is dedicated to glutes and shoulders. Every exercise is done for one minute and, as indicated above, I’ve never seen a minute last so long. You’ll get into a runner’s lunge while executing a rear delt fly while your ribcage is on your leg. To work on your balance, you’ll do a curtsy then a side kick with weights on deck.

Don’t worry about delayed onset of muscle soreness since your glutes and, later on in the program, your quads will give immediate feedback.

I really liked this shoulder circle move (that I'm doing in video). In fact, my shoulders feel pretty good after this routine.

It’s good to document because it makes me realize that I’ve come far but there's still progress to be made. It’s good exposure therapy. Okay, I’ve been watching too much Obsessed on Netflix but exposure therapy is working...

In addition to glutes and shoulders, quads and arms; hips, chest and back; core and more are all implemented in this time saver routine.

During the hips, chest and back segment, I really liked two exercises – a push and pull with a row for the back and a kind of burpee move where you place the weights by your feet, walk your hands down, do a push-up then walk your hands back towards the weight and do a shoulder press. It’s taxing but doable.

I’m not a huge fan of lunges and there are quite a few lunges to contend with but they are also doable.

A bit of advice: I would not do this workout with anyone else at home. I had to get a bit noisy to gut it out…

Are you a noisy worker outer? If so, do your housemates give you strange looks? Also, if you get through this workout without stopping, please let me know. I had to stop numerous times but it’s good to have goals you know…

*Disclosure: I received this video without charge.


  1. Great form pookie!!

    And while I have respect for The Warner's success with her own fitness, I do think she needs to revisit her wardrobe choices. She has too long of a waist for that look to work. She needs to pull the pants up higher.

  2. She certainly is fit! I have never heard of her workout, but it sounds really smart and really effective. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend.



    That is all :)


  4. @Angela,

    Thanks, woman -- yet another reason to document. I feel like I'm often out of alignment but, occasionally, I get it right.

    What to say about the wardrobe? I often feel like someone (a close friend maybe) needs to tap Aretha Franklin on the shoulder and tell her that the spaghetti straps aren't working.

    I, for one, wouldn't dare to wear spaghetti straps -- not nearly enough support.

    I think sometimes people feel like they need to flaunt *it* and, if they do, more power to 'em...


    She is very fit and I have aspirations like that too. ;) I had a pretty good Thanksgiving and I hope that you did too.


    That is all that needs to be said. ;)

  5. Great form! Yeah, I can get kinda noisy when working out hard. That's why I like to workout when nobody else is home.
    Exposure therapy huh? never heard of it :)

  6. Heather,


    Being noisy is a great release, isn't it? I also think it's just out-and-out required at times.

    I hadn't heard of exposure therapy until I started watching that dang show on Netflix. ;)