Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Usually Toast

I had an epiphany at the pool. I streamlined and I stayed streamlined for, apparently, longer than I usually do. I must wobble or roll out of my streamlined position but I maintained during this outing and I immediately thought about my Tuesday yoga teacher when we do mountain pose.

He tells us to put our feet together, to lift our toes up and spread them apart and to make sure that each and every part of our feet touches the mat. I'm missing a step that he talks about but, in the end, he tells us that our body is in perfect alignment at that point.

As I did the front crawl, I tried to maintain the alignment of being streamlined. I thought about my swimming teacher who told us that if you swim a certain way during front crawl, you'll be like a torpedo in the water and I also thought about another teacher who drilled into her kids that they needed to swim streamlined.

By lap 25, I knew that I wanted to chase a mile.

When I did the back stroke, I thought about my rotator cuff. Of course, the muscles are doing their job all the time but I have major appreciation for them when my arm is going backward and past my ear.

Around lap 27 while doing the side stroke, I started to feel tension in my triceps area and, at some point, the tug in my elbow that has visited of late started to make its presence known.

By lap 30, I think that I'm about to make myself cry and I employ Patti's rock climbing strategy of not pausing for fear that I will stop.

Once I got in 33 laps, I hoisted myself on the surface of the water and floated.

I ran an errand after swimming and I noticed that I wasn't toast the way that I usually am after taking on a mile.

Boxing and CrossFit classes have made me deal with discomfort and go beyond that.

After talking to a friend and discussing how I juggle my fitness schedule, she suggested that I pick one activity and stick to it. Never...

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