Monday, August 8, 2011

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) or CrossFit Basic Training, Round I

Group coupons can be hazardous to your third chakra or, on a milder level, hazardous to your sensibilities. In yet another group coupon tip from me, never buy two from a company before you've tried that company out once. Otherwise, you might be left with a coupon that you have no desire to use. Of course, you can always try to resell the coupon on CoupRecoup but I digressed...

When I finally hit the click button on the CrossFit deal, I reasoned that I could always not go or go to one class and if I went and it didn't work out, I didn't have to return...

Not too long after I purchased my coupon, I got a long letter from the owner of the CrossFit gym saying welcome and that she would like for me to pick out a session as soon as possible in addition to filling out an attached form to assess my fitness level. Wasn't expecting that letter so soon. And, oh yeah, Ms. Owner informed me that the facility is some industrial type situation that doesn't have air conditioning but the dock doors do provide relief. Un hunh, sure...
Whether you have been sedentary, generally active, or an elite athlete, our Basic Training session is tailored to prepare you for technical proficiency that is a prerequisite for our CrossFit group classes.
In Summary

  • my solar plexus is affected by nervousness

  • I sign yet another waiver and also find out about some disorder, Rhabdomyolysis, caused by too much muscle fiber tearing at once

  • also sign a waiver that CrossFit may videotape my image (ugh)

  • female instructor is beautifully toned (understatement)*

  • surprised that it's an all-female basic training class

  • warm up on rowing machine

  • I suck at jerks

  • my coordination takes a while to kick in

  • I like doing pull-ups on rings

  • I do five rounds of Workout of the Day (WOD) and feel as if I'm going to pass out

  • WOD for Newbies, AMRAP in 12 Minutes

  • Three Presses

  • Four Dip Presses

  • Five Jerk Presses

  • Eight Box Jumps

  • Eight Ring Pull-Ups

  • Eight Air Squats

  • Did you know that your pelvis crease should be lower than your patella when you do air squats? Un hunh...

  • Quadriceps take brunt of punishment

  • I cannot do a pull-up

  • Instructors, who are very good, say don't be discouraged...

    *Unfair marketing advantage, for sure...


    1. I AM SO EXCITED. I love Crossfit, and have always wanted to do it. But that would require me to leave my house, which is clearly crazy talk. And I'm intimidated by the olympic lifts. So I'm glad I get to enjoy your experience vicariously. Good for you trying it!

      Do you think you're going to get the pull-up bug? I would love to be able to do one.

    2. LOL about leaving the house but, seriously, if you've always wanted to try Crossfit, I think you should, at least, take an intro class.

      I've had a case of serious butterflies before each class and it doesn't help that my form is off on almost everything we do but, so far, I haven't had the urge to quit...