Monday, August 29, 2011

Lazy Woman's Yoga

I should have been the Groupawn. You know the dude, Josh Stevens, that lived off Groupons for one year.

I've wanted to try Thai Yoga massage for a while and, well, an opportunity presented itself.

I managed to book the appointment on the same day as the grand opening for the new rock climbing gym. Actually, the facility had to reschedule and I just said "yes" to a new date because if you wait for everyone's schedule to be perfect, nothing will happen. It all worked out though. I took a shower at the gym and headed out with not a minute to spare and chided myself for not leaving earlier. Got in the car, opened up my lavender hand cream which had liquefied and, therefore, spilled all over my shorts and car seat. I really liked that cream and my brown Bermuda shorts too. Seeing that I was about to have an up close and personal session, I could not get back ino the shorts that I had just gotten out of. Thought about stopping at Marshalls but I really didn't have time.

About 500 feet away from the address, I parked before my chances ran out in a city, Clayton, that is trendy and has a lot of traffic and limited parking opportunities. I hurriedly got out of the car and arrived at the door at the same time that a woman with a pale blue cruiser arrived. I held the door open for her and also picked up her water bottle as she rolled her bike in. My timing was not so bad after all.

As I was lying on my stomach, a few things crossed my mind. I thought this yoga was a form that Gingersnapper might be able to get on board with even though the whole being touched by a stranger might still weird her out. Also, out of the massage experiences that I've had, I felt that this one was the most decadent because a lot of the stretches can be achieved via regular yoga.

A couple of things:

  • Don't think that I've ever had my feet so thoroughly pummeled and I didn't have a problem with ticklishness because it was, mainly, drumming and stretching of the feet.

  • I remember looking at this deal for reflexology massage and thinking that there's absolutely nothing appealing about this picture.

  • The Thai yoga practitioner/yoga teacher that I went to see is one of the best breathers in the whole wide world.

  • When she placed her foot in my armpit and pulled my arm, well, that felt odd but amazing.

  • At the end, she said some well-intentioned stuff that I don't remember and then we both said Namaste.

    And, okay, I don't know what it is but whenever I say Namaste, it makes me smile. Guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth...


    1. Thanks for thinking of me :)

      I don't know whether I would like that or not... I've never had a problem with doctors touching me, but have to admit that time I had the pedicure I found it invasive as well as physically uncomfortable. But maybe she was a crappy pedicurist.

    2. Weird. What a fusion of two Eastern cultures. I saw this name on a studio I thought of joining and kind of crinkled my nose a bit, but you make it sound delightful.

    3. @gingersnapper,

      No problem. ;)

      Now, a pedicure, that's one coupon that I'll never buy unless it's for someone else.


      The place that I went to does the Lotus Palm method too.

      More than anything, I felt quite lazy. :) Well, I felt relaxed too...