Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Exercise Route

Heavy was suggested to me as I looked for something to watch instantly on Netflix. Never heard of it but I was game.

Two heavy people reside, for part of the time, at Hilton Head Island where they live in a controlled environment and their bags are checked upon arrival.

One of my favorite scenes, hands down, is when RickyWayne gets tired of exercising and his trainer is trying to get him moving. RickyWayne screams at him repeatedly:

I don't care about your muscles.(17:30)
And David, the trainer, has massive muscles.

I'm sure that it must be inspiring but intimidating when you weigh 555 pounds and the person that's helping you is unbelievably chiseled.

Or, as Jessica said on that same episode:

The trainers are there to help us but they're kind of like the enemy too. (13:30)
In episode six, the Ronnie/Debbie episode, one of the fitness experts says:

When you're losing weight, you get a bigger return when you cut back on calories; it's actually easier to cut back on 500 calories than it is to exercise those 500 calories off.
And, on any given day, I'd rather try the exercise route...


  1. That's true about the calories, but I don't think the 1-to-1 burn-versus-eat is that important; I think exercise enables so many other things in our bodies to happen, or happen better, that are still key to weight loss. When you look at just the numbers, it's clearly impossible for people to lose weight by exercising, yet it does happen. But boy can I relate to his frustration! I would like to yell at some muscles.

  2. AND I forgot to tell you that I watched Ping Pong Playa and it was hilarious. I probably wouldn't have picked out that movie without your recommendation, so thanks!

  3. gingersnapper,

    After looking on YouTube for that RickyWayne clip, I think a lot of people related to yelling at muscles.

    After I read your comment, saw this Consumer Reports' article on the benefits of exercise.

    Glad you enjoyed Ping Pong Playa. Yeah, the name of flick made me suspicious. ;)