Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where All The Power Is Coming From or CrossFit Basic Training, Round 3

An email arrives from Laurie congratulating the "Session 7" six on completing two rounds of basic training. There's also background info on CrossFit in addition to videos on maneuvers that we were introduced to like the air squat otherwise known as the mature squat; the push press and the push jerk (wind-up, bam and you're done -- kind of like the equivalent of slapping someone in the face according to the video). And the dip drive?

The dip is explosive: -- no forward inclination of the torso...knee forward, butt back, chest up -- don't let the chest come forward. You're heaving that weight up then finishing with the arms -- angle in the hip; that's were all the power is coming from...
At the end of the email, an invitation is extended to contact CrossFit since they are there to support our fitness journey etc. I'm crudely paraphrasing but it did make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

As we, the "Session 7" participants, gather in the lobby, Laurie introduces us to a visiting CrossFitter/teacher who wants to know if we are enjoying CrossFit. My classmates respond but in my corner, you can hear crickets. Laurie hears them too.

Laurie: Andrea, what did you say?

Me: Laughter then I just feel awkward right now because I have techniques from various fitness pursuits roaming around in my head angling for position...

Visiting CrossFitter: Yeah, it's a love/hate relationship.

As we're retrieving PVC pipes, Laurie wants to know if we got her email. Carol whispers to me: Yes, we got it and it's in the special file.

It's strength training day and Laurie, cool as a cucumber, says it's important for women, especially, to be strong, functional and independent. That's Laurie talk for she wants you to smoothly take care of the 20 pound dumbell at your side.

I hear you Laurie -- talk that talk. I want guns and a back like you when I grow up...

  • We do wall ball

  • Laurie wants us to hop up on the pull-up bar and attempt to get our knees to our elbows. I resist the urge to oooh and ahhh when she does it.

  • I press 58 pounds (gingersnapper and Mich don't laugh...)

  • The non-runner runs a fourth of a mile

  • I hit my wrists and fall on my behind while attempting double unders.

  • See, most people jump rope but CrossFitters do double unders and it's the maneuvers that are, literally, tripping me up. Of course, you can always modify the double unders and do singles but...


    1. The only laughing I'm doing is at the double-unders. If I tried these, not only would I end up on the floor in a heap, but the flying rope would likely take out whomever was unfortunate enough to be training nearby...

      Were the PVC pipes empty or were they the kind with water inside? (The sloshing water makes handling the bar more challenging.)

    2. I'm not laughing either! Not at the press, anyway :) And ditto on the double-unders: Ginger don't play that.

      Well, now that I have the most formidable sports bra in the world I guess I could give it a try, but I don't want to.

      Payne is planning on building a slosh pipe. I wouldn't mind having one...

    3. Mich,

      LOL about the flying rope.

      There are hollow and weighted PVC pipes. We use the hollow ones during warm-up for our shoulders and hips...


      I don't mind doing singles but I can't get on a role with the double unders even if I have the right equipment. ;)