Monday, October 31, 2011

The Front-Runner or Month-End Review, October

If I were keeping a poll of most memorable months, October would be the front-runner. I bicycled for almost 30 miles, did a sprint triathlon, returned to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, cut the grass (and it had the nerve to grow again) and discovered the joys of wall yoga and boxing.

As I uncluttered, a never ending project it seems, I came across the 10th Anniversary edition of O: The Oprah Magazine and saw 10 Biggest Health Mistakes by Bob Greene.

#1: They (people) work out simply to burn calories. What matters more is exercise intensity. Vigorous exercise dulls your appetite while moderate exercise stimulates it.
I was definitely surprised that I hardly had a appetite after hiking and outdoor climbing recently. I hate half a sandwich in the middle of climbing and the other half for dinner (along with some fruit etc.). In addition, I got reacquainted with intensity during boxing classes. Shauna had the line of the night as she sat on the floor while we tried to catch our breath:

Let's go. I'm not just down here (on the floor) for fun.
She also warned us not to drop the medicine ball on our face as we lifted one leg and held the medicine ball in our opposite hand. Here's my log of activity for October and I'm so glad that I managed not to drop a medicine ball on my face.

Bicycling, 3 x's

BodyGo Row Class @ CrossFit, 2 x's

Boxing (and Kickboxing), 7 x's

Lawn Mowing, 1 x

Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training

  • 15-Minute Upper Body Circuit, 4 x's

  • Rock Climbing, 5 x's

    Sprint Triathlon, 1 x

    , 4 x's

    Walking, 9 x's

    Yoga, 9 x's

    Hope that your October was memorable...

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