Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Train of Thought

Oh, quads are sore...It's a nice night for an Epsom Salt bath...I should get... Oh, the library...Yes, it stays open until 7...I can get that book, Postcards from a Dead Girl, that Dawn recommended....

BodyGo Row Class Agenda

Before the agenda was taken care of, Laurie made sure that everyone knew each other or had been introduced. I sometimes behave like a troglodyte but not Jaime who took the initiative and introduced herself in the lobby.

Once the intros were taken care of, we warmed up by doing reverse lunges et al. then the rowing games began.

Two Minutes of Rowing
"Pick Your Poison"
"Poison Picking"
"Poison Picking"...Repeat

Poison to Pick From:

Planks to Push-Ups (20 x's)
Plyo Push-Ups (20)
Push-Ups (20)
Single Arm DB Thrusters (20)
Sit-Ups (30)
Straight Leg Raises or Tucks (at Dip Station) (25)
Squats (20)...

So far, Postcards from a Dead Girl is good. What's even better is that I didn't drop it in the tub because book dropping has happened before.


  1. "Poison to Pick From" would be an excellent title for your first novel.

    Yes, you should write one.

    I just got an excerpt from Postcards from Amazon - they send it right to your Kindle. It's usually the entire first chapter, so you get a good idea whether you want to read the whole thing.

    Drawback of Kindle: no bathtub reading. A drop would be fatal.

  2. gingerzingi,

    That's incredibly cool of you to say that I should write a novel.

    Let me know what you think of Postcards. I'm reading it in tiny increments while I wait on the book that I had to return to the library because someone else wanted it.

    I never thought about Kindle and baths. Score one for paperbacks???