Friday, October 7, 2011

About To Veg Out

Sore and tired pretty much sum up how I feel and vegging out is definitely on the agenda -- as much as I'm able to veg out... I'm going to kick back and watch a movie and hope that I don't fall asleep.

Recently, I've watched Win Win and loved it.

Didn't stick the first time around but I'm six episodes into Breaking Bad; it makes me edgy the same way Prison Break did.

I'm still watching Heavy. Jill got busted hiding food in her room. She had a thing for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and when she's confronted about contraband, here's what she had to say:

I'm not hiding it. It's just peanut butter. I have peanut butter in my room because I need the peanut butter. We exercise for three and four hours a day. Heck yeah, I have peanut butter in my room. (Jill/Johnny episode)
I've been catching up on The Biggest Loser too. Bob cracked me up when he told the former NFL player that he was like a Christmas present to him and I was moved when that same player broke down and Bob told him:

What you don't have here and what you don't have here in your legs, I need you to overcompensate and have it here (pointing to brain).

I like the new trainer, Dolvett, too:

If you're not moving, you're not losing people.


  1. I would be hiding peanut butter cups in my room, too. Actually. I would hide straight up peanut butter and then spoon in out of the jar, look around, and hide it again.

  2. Sara,

    That woman in Heavy had me cracking up.

    Personally, if I were squirreling away a nut butter, it would be almond. In a pinch, I'd go for peanut too...